How would you like that? Disc or stick? {Branded gorgeousness}

Since a keynote speech from Apple announcing that they would no longer be including disc drives in many of their products, it was time for we photographers to seek out alternatives to the traditional disc presentation for wedding and lifestyle photographs. I had a good look around and came across an excellent company who processed my order quickly, made relevant suggestions and who were just pretty helpful!

And here is the end result:

Branded packaging and memory sticks

For it to have been perfect, I would have preferred white boxes and my logo in colour but, hey, I think these look just fine. And because I wanted to be a bit environmentally friendly, I chose a wood product and because I always lose the end caps on my memory sticks, I went for a cheeky little number that folds in on itself …

Branded folding memory sticks

I’ve already sent out my first full wedding of Billie and Mat and Billie said that she was so excited to receive such a beautifully packaged product.

If you do decide that you would rather just have the images on a disc, I can do that too and have beautiful leather presentation wallets … but I just love my new sticks!

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