Fabulous family photoshoot at the Coastal Park on a sunny day in Folkestone {sneak peek}

Theo, who is 19 months, was christened last year and as a gift to him, I was asked to produce a voucher for a photoshoot. Our first session was booked on a day when the heavens opened and we decided to postpone and mummy Natalie could not have chosen a more glorious day. As they live in the Folkestone area, she suggested that we meet at the Coastal Park … it was my first time there and I was really impressed! So much to do for adults and children alike, spotlessly maintained and right on the coast (I guess the name of the park kind of gives it away).

Theo is fast. Very fast. And knows the park very well. I feel as though he really “bossed” the photoshoot and I enjoyed every minute! Here’s a couple of cheeky sneak peeks …

Theo during a family photoshoot in Folkestone by Samantha Jones Photography


After strolling through the park, we made our way to the sea front … you could see storm clouds gathering in the distance but on the beach, it was just wonderful!

Family photoshoot on the beach at Folkestone by Samantha Jones Photography

I’ll be finalising editing over the next few days but it was really lovely to meet Theo and his parents … and I’m looking forward to photographing the new addition in about 11 weeks time! Thanks so much for making it such a fun morning.

If you are based in the Folkestone area and are interested in booking a family photoshoot, just drop me a line sam@samanthajonesphotography.co.uk – I’m looking forward to returning very soon!

Charlotte and Daniel are married at Salmestone Grange … with Hot Rods, Alice in Wonderland and smiles all round {sneak peek}

Dodging the showers is something that, as a wedding photographer, I have to accept is part of the job. But with fingers crossed, a fair wind and a little bit of luck, the weather for Charlotte and Daniel’s wedding yesterday was nearly perfect. But, oh my goodness, those who know me are aware that I am very rarely rendered speechless … but Charlotte, you looked stunning and composed and happy … and arrived in a Hot Rod!

Charlotte arriving at Salmestone Grange in  a Hot Rod by Samantha Jones Photography

And Olivia, the flower girl, with such a bubbly personality and endearing smile!

Charlotte and Olivia at Salmestone Grange by Samantha Jones Photography

And the bride and groom. Perfect!


Thanks to your family and friends for being so welcoming, to the ushers, Kyle and Chris, for being so helpful, to Charlotte for being beautiful … I love my job! Congratulations to you both, Charlotte and Daniel, thank you so much for inviting me to capture your special day and have a wonderful time on your honeymoon xx

“Product” photography – a morning with the pupils at Faversham’s Best Behaviour School for Dogs

My job is very varied. I’m currently preparing for a wedding tomorrow and photographed some amazing, new-to-the-market products yesterday. And also, yesterday morning, I joined Lynsey and her “pupils” in a beautifully sunny field to get some fun portraits for Best Behaviour School for Dogs. Here’s just a few examples of the images that I managed to achieve:

Best Behaviour School for Dogs by Samantha Jones Photography

Best Behaviour School for Dogs by Samantha Jones Photography

Best Behaviour School for Dogs by Samantha Jones Photography

Best Behaviour School for Dogs by Samantha Jones Photography

Best Behaviour School for Dogs by Samantha Jones Photography

It’s certainly thirsty work on such a sunny day but with plenty of water available, and toys to encourage the dogs to run and socialise with each other, it really was great fun. And the dogs are all very well behaved and almost obedient …

If you work full time and are in the Faversham area or need to find a “baby sitter” for your dogs, why not get in touch with Lynsey via this link.

And, of course, if you are a dog owner and fancy an hour’s portrait session, you can drop me a line sam@samanthajonesphotography.co.uk. Portrait prices are from £75.

Bright sunshine, a tea party and Matilda {sneak peek}

It’s always lovely to be asked to return to previous clients to capture some up-to-date pictures as their children grow. To return to see Matilda and her parents (and grandparents and auntie) could not have been more enjoyable. The sun shone, the cakes were ready and the tea party started … Tilly is full of life and energy. An absolute delight to photograph and looks very different from the last time that I saw her when she was one year old.

Tilly's tea party

Bright, direct sunlight, although something that we all love to see, can sometimes present challenges. So Tilly found her own place to stand for photographs …

Toddler portraits in beautiful llight

But she still led her mum and dad a merry dance around the garden!

TIlly and mum and dad

I have the most wonderful selection of images which are nearly ready to show mum and dad, although mum did mention that it’s better if I don’t show too many otherwise they really will be spoilt for choice! Here’s a final little image, against the rich blue colour of her auntie’s dress and a moment of reflection …

Tilly at two

I know that everyone has a camera and I’m sure that lots of beautiful images are captured every second but if you are looking for a photographer to capture a special moment in time with the liveliest of clients, just drop me a line sam@samanthajonesphotography.co.uk – I offer more than just prints – I offer memories that last a lifetime.

Khushi Feet and their World Record Attempt – put the date in your diary!

I met Emily, founder of www.khushifeet.org.uk, way back last year at the Faversham Festival. If I recall, it was hailstoning then … and unbelievably, the snow returned for Khushi Feet’s flash mob launch at the end of March!

The group moved around different locations in Faversham, starting at the train station and then working their way through town. Whilst dancing at the swimming pool, it snowed but luckily by the time that the group made it to the Alexander Centre, the sun was shining!

Khushi Feet flash mob at the swimming pool in Faversham

The idea was to launch, and to publicise, the world record attempt (you can find out more and register here. It’s on 29 June 2013 and is in the grounds of the Abbey School in Faversham.

Sunny skies for Khushi Feet flash mob

My family popped down to Faversham to see the spectacle and my six year old niece just had to have a shot with Khushi the Cow!

My niece with Khushi the Cow

I would strongly urge you, if you are free that day, to register online and to join in. If you can’t make it, maybe you could still show your support by making a donation. Videos showing the dance are available too and the whole attempt is being led by Ash Mukherjee and is a realistic attempt at breaking the current world record, more details of which are on the Guinness World Record website.

Can they do it? Only if there is enough support. Share, comment, donate and join in. And I’ll see you there!

Peace and love – Penelope and Jonathan’s Whitstable wedding {sneak peek}

How we had wished for a warm, sunny day. But having met Penelope and Jonathan a couple of times before their wedding, I had a feeling that it wouldn’t really matter what the weather was like. It did rain and the wind did blow but the smiles and evident love that this couple have for each other cut through the dismal day. Celebrating their wedding at St Alphege’s in Whitstable and then in tipis on the beach near the Old Neptune was always going to present a challenge with the unseasonable weather that we’ve been having. But nonetheless, we did manage a couple of shots on the beach, even though it was raining at this point … all props to the bride and groom for being great fun! Here’s your sneak peek …

Penelope and Jonathan on the beach at Whitstable

I hope you have a lovely few days away and let me know when you are back. In the words of the groom: “Peace and Love”!

We’re going to the zoo {personal}

I often work at the weekends, either for family photoshoots or, more often, weddings. So it’s quite nice to be able to schedule a couple of hours in my diary to go with my family to Howletts. We bought a yearly card … and realised that it runs out at the end of this week!

I took my camera too – and wow, is my niece a poser???!!!

TIme for family

Howletts with my niece

Even the monkeys love her!

Three little monkeys

My dad is a very keen photographer and my niece was interested to see the photos that he had been taking too!

My dad and my niece

And the sun nearly shone. And it was nearly warm. But back to editing for me now! Enjoy the rest of your Easter half term break!

Red London Bus, bubbles, a rocking horse, a Steiff bear … and Ben {sneak peek}

How times flies. It truly does. It really doesn’t seem that long since I was photographing Ben’s parents’ wedding at Salmestone Grange. And since I met Ben for the first time when he was only eleven days old. And since he was six months … and flying. And now, to return when Ben is just over one year old … I think I may have mentioned that I love my job, I love the connections that I make and the welcome that I receive into people’s lives.

And Ben …

Ben at one year

He was so diverted with his toys that it was lovely to capture him so intensely concentrating … But not bubbles, nor laughing, nor granddad holding a reflector, not nanny cajoling, not daddy dancing like a crazy thing behind me could get Ben to really break into the beautiful, wide smiles that his mummy and daddy know that he has …


But when we all meet up again on the beach in a few months, when the weather is warmer and Ben is walking … there will be smiles. And ice cream. And happy, happy memories of a fun engagement photoshoot on the beach Good times xx

There once was a windmill … {a different kind of product photography}

Those of you who follow my blog know that I am intrinsically a people photographer. However, I also photograph for magazines and websites too. I was contacted by a company who needed images of the weatherboarding on a windmill … but no people. Undeterred, I headed off on a beautiful sunny day at the end of last year (so lucky with the weather that day), my long lens and a good idea of where the windmill was.


However, when you approach the high street over which the windmill looks, you can’t see it. It’s only when you turn a corner that it suddenly is visible … I would have felt a bit foolish if I’d returned home and phoned my client to say that I couldn’t find a windmill …

It did feel a little strange not having a bride in a veil or a model creating beautiful shapes to photograph … but a bit of variety isn’t a bad thing! If you are looking for images for your website and want to have something that isn’t taken from a stock photography library, drop me a line sam@samanthajonesphotography.co.uk and tell me more about your project.