Red London Bus, bubbles, a rocking horse, a Steiff bear … and Ben {sneak peek}

How times flies. It truly does. It really doesn’t seem that long since I was photographing Ben’s parents’ wedding at Salmestone Grange. And since I met Ben for the first time when he was only eleven days old. And since he was six months … and flying. And now, to return when Ben is just over one year old … I think I may have mentioned that I love my job, I love the connections that I make and the welcome that I receive into people’s lives.

And Ben …

Ben at one year

He was so diverted with his toys that it was lovely to capture him so intensely concentrating … But not bubbles, nor laughing, nor granddad holding a reflector, not nanny cajoling, not daddy dancing like a crazy thing behind me could get Ben to really break into the beautiful, wide smiles that his mummy and daddy know that he has …


But when we all meet up again on the beach in a few months, when the weather is warmer and Ben is walking … there will be smiles. And ice cream. And happy, happy memories of a fun engagement photoshoot on the beach Good times xx

2 Comments on “Red London Bus, bubbles, a rocking horse, a Steiff bear … and Ben {sneak peek}

  1. Again, lovely photos Sam. As you say Time goes so quickly and has to be captured in these memories. Can’t wait to see Ben walking.

    He certainly is a bonny boy, but then again Im biased being his nanna..


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