A different kind of signature “book” for a wedding

I had the pleasure of second shooting a wedding with Nataliya of Akira Photography at the beginning of May in glorious wall-to-wall sunshine at Winters Barn near Canterbury where I will be also photographing Hayley and Dominic’s wedding in February 2014.

Heather and Markus celebrated their wedding with a mixture of Scottish and German traditions. But I wanted to share with you this very unusual signing “book”. Guests made an imprint of their thumb or finger and then signed their name.

signature board at a wedding, Samantha Jones Photographer, photographer at Winters Barn


I haven’t come across this at any weddings that I’ve photographed in the past but thought it was innovative and unusual. You can see in the bottom right hand image how the tree “grew”. What a lovely and very personal reminder of your guests and something lovely to frame.

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Heather and Markus’s guests and working with Nataliya. It was also brilliant to be able to use some of my very rusty German!

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