Hannah and Simon married on a breezy but beautiful June day {sneak peek}

Hannah met Simon through Mark, Simon’s brother. They have nicknames for each other. All Simon’s friends call him Monkey. They laugh. Together. A lot.

They celebrated their love on a windy (but thankfully dry) day in June at All Saints in Graveney. And yes, there are two churches in the village … both named All Saints. Family travelled from far afield. Some friends came from even further away. All to bear witness to an intensely personal wedding. After all, as the groom rightly said in his speech, he had never in his wildest dreams imagined being married by his father-in-law. But that’s what happened on Saturday – an emotional and moving wedding day. Filled with love. Jumping. And a galleon …

Hannah and Simon wedding

I mentioned jumping …

wedding, Faversham, Hannah and Simon

And a galleon …

wedding, Faversham, Hannah and Simon

I was delighted to be a small part of this wonderful wedding day. I’d like to thank everyone who smiled, laughed, jumped and then laughed some more. Hannah and Simon, you are truly blessed with such an amazing family and fabulous friends. And you radiate your love for each other. It’s inspiring. Much love to you both, enjoy France xxx

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