Family, special occasion, birthday celebration … don’t go disposable, go professional!

I had the pleasure of joining Lynn and her family in the summer for a special birthday celebration at Read’s in Faversham, one of the best restaurants in the local area. As part of her birthday gift, her family asked me to design and produce an album, to include images of Lynn’s choice taken during my coverage.

When a family haven’t seen each other for a long time and then get together, it’s a wonderful event to photograph. Indeed, Lynn’s sister and niece came all the way from the States so there was lots to catch up on!

Here are a few images from the album …

Samantha Jones Photography Faversham Read's

The albums are professionally bound and have photographic paper bonded to thick cardboard which gives them a rather luxurious feel. You can see the quality of the binding and the thickness of the pages here …

Samantha Jones Photography album

If you are planning a special celebration, don’t think of putting disposable cameras on the table – invest your money in professional photography coverage. It really is worth every penny and I’m sure that Lynn and her family will enjoy looking back through the album for many years to come.

Do drop me an email for all your event photography needs.

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