Pre-wedding photoshoot with Sara and Steve at Pines Calyx

For many of my clients and, I don’t doubt, the majority of brides and grooms, instructing a professional photographer to cover their wedding day is an investment, both in monetary terms and in terms of trust. Despite seeing many galleries and portfolios online, it’s often a challenge to find the right person who fits the bill and then trusting in them to produce the goods on the day.

For those of you who have met me at wedding fairs, at weddings that I’ve photographed or, indeed, on a more personal level, you kind of know the person that I am, at least when I have a camera in my hand. I rarely stop talking, I get rather excited about photography and I throw out compliments like confetti.

But it’s because I love photography and I want others to enjoy it as much as I do. Which is why, when I met up with Sara and Steve to chat through their plans for their May wedding at The Pines Calyx in St Margaret’s at Cliffe, I just happened to have one of my cameras with me and my spanky new lens which had already captured some fabulous images at Hayley and Dominic’s wedding at Winters Barns last weekend.

Sara and Steve met me at a wedding open day held at The Pines Calyx and mentioned how pleased they were that they had found me and that they were very glad that I would be joining them. They didn’t hold back when telling me that neither of them particularly relish the idea of having their photograph taken and so I suggested that we work through a few locations in the beautiful grounds and a couple of easy-to-remember poses that might get them in the mood for their wedding in three months’ time. We didn’t take long, I only used the one lens and no reflectors or off camera flash. Just the gorgeous sunlight which we were very lucky to have … take a look …

Sara and Steve at Pines Calyx by Samantha Jones Photography 1

Beautifully back lit by the sun …

Sara and Steve at Pines Calyx by Samantha Jones Photography 3

And mastering the “walking slowly away and making sure that their legs are in the right position to turn back and smile at the camera” shot!

Sara and Steve at Pines Calyx by Samantha Jones Photography 2

Sara and Steve at Pines Calyx by Samantha Jones Photography 4

I very much enjoyed spending time with Sara and Steve and the fact that the weather was so glorious was an absolute added bonus. I’m excited for their wedding in three months’ time and was so pleased to get the following note from Sara:

“You captured some good images given that neither of us like our photo being taken! We are looking forward to the ones where we are dressed for the occasion!”

So I am! xx

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