The stars of the show … the fabulous behatted dogs at the Faversham Hat Festival!

OK, the heading isn’t strictly true. The dogs that I photographed weren’t all wearing hats but they are certainly cute … The first ever Faversham Hat Festival was a great success and was incredibly busy! I didn’t have enough time to chat with everyone who stopped by my stand but I did manage to get some great shots!

The stars of the show - jaunty dogs at the Faversham Hat Festival by Samantha Jones Photography

Faversham Hat Festival fabulous dogs by Samantha Jones Photography

If you’d like to see both galleries (dogs and people), why not pop over to my online gallery. The galleries aren’t passworded so you should be able to access them easily.

There was also a special offer running for family photoshoots so if you’re interested, drop me a line and I can send you more information. And I can photograph your dogs too!

But, in the meantime, congratulations to everyone who worked so very hard for the first Hat Festival and I’m looking forward to next year already! You can out more about the business that worked so very hard to launch this event … the Hat Shop in West Street, Faversham.

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