Lynsey and Neil … their wedding album in full

You may have seen Lynsey and Neil’s sneak peek of their wedding Folkestone on the blog in June of this year. I was delighted that they decided to choose my album package as I feel that a wedding album really is the most beautiful heirloom and a tangible treasure that can be shared with friends and family (rather than just a memory stick).

I asked for, and was given, permission to show you their entire album layout – the process that I work to is that my brides and grooms (and family photoshoot clients) choose their favourite images (I give them a guideline on how many will fit the album size that they have chosen) and then we start the drafting process. After my initial first draft, my clients get two further rounds of amendments but with Lynsey and Neil, it only took one more. They added a couple more images to complete their story – it’s always interesting for me to see which images are chosen by my couples … so why not take a look …

Lynsey and Neil 001

Lynsey and Neil 003

Lynsey and Neil 005

Lynsey and Neil 007

Lynsey and Neil 009

Lynsey and Neil 011

Lynsey and Neil 013

Lynsey and Neil 015

Lynsey and Neil 017

Lynsey and Neil 019

Lynsey and Neil 021

Lynsey and Neil 023

Lynsey and Neil 025

Lynsey and Neil 027

Lynsey and Neil 029

Each of the files is a double page spread and I think Lynsey and Neil made excellent choices. I hope that their album will be shared and enjoyed again and again and brought out on special family occasion … or even just enjoyed over a cup of tea as husband and wife!

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