The second set of 20/20 sessions

What an energetic day – full of laughter, giggles, singing, jumping, pretending to be rabbits, holding rabbits … and that was just me!

I wanted to share a couple of montages (with kind permission of the families) of the type of images that we can achieve .. twenty minutes for £20 – fast and furious and amazing what you can achieve in a short amount of time.

20 20 session montage by Samantha Jones Photography

20 20 session montage by Samantha Jones Photography 2

It was a tiring day but exhilarating – just wonderful to see “old” friends and make new ones too. And to see brides and grooms bring along their new families … I cherish the chance to photography the new adventures in their lives together.

And the feedback has been pretty fantastic:

“It was a fab inbox to receive, we love them and will ponder our decision as to which ones to order. Thanks for a fab and relaxed shoot.”

“Thank you Sam we love our pics!!”

“Thanks Sam, absolutely love all the photos – will put an order in once we’ve made the the hard decision!!”

“Sam, they are fantastic. We love them all!! Thank you.”

“It was fab! Thanks so much Sam. So lovely to see you and we love the pics … they are fantastic quality!”

So I think we did well … and I’m in the process of booking the next two session dates so if you would like to get more information, just drop me an email and I’ll let you know more details.

Or you can fill out the form below:

Thanks again to everyone who came along and supported my crazy fast and furious idea!

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