From bump to baby to one …

We all take photographs. We, almost everyone. Apart, maybe, from my dad who can’t quite work out how to do it on his new phone … but I take lots of photos, whether it is for work or for pleasure.

But there are some photos that we can’t take. And those are the ones that include us (unless, of course, you’ve got long arms to use a selfie stick and are great at using self timers …).

I thought you might like to see Jenny’s progression from bump … to Oscar’s arrival and to his one year photoshoot. He’s gorgeous.


Bump shoots aren’t for everyone. I totally get that. But with my three photoshoot session, you can make the choice. When you want to start … and when you want to finish. You can find out more by clicking this link: Newborn and family photoshoot details or you can email me

Let’s start building those memories …

Just look at those eyelashes … Oscar turns one

Oscar (and indeed, Tilly his sister) are some of my lovely bump to baby clients. Having now known the family for five years (Tilly has started school … yikes!), I don’t need to programme in their address in my SatNav!

I was delighted to hear from Oscar’s mum that he was ready for his third shoot in the package and that the date chosen would be his first birthday!

Oscar at one by Samantha Jones Photography 01

Bearing in mind that Oscar was a bit under the weather, I am absolutely delighted with the images that we got. Using a mix of natural light and bounced flash, the final results are so incredibly sharp that you can count his eyelashes.

Oscar at one by Samantha Jones Photography 02

And aren’t you jealous? I’m excited to start work on Oscar’s album which will include images from mummy’s bump shots, to his newborn and finally to his gorgeous birthday images.

Oscar at one by Samantha Jones Photography 03

I’m always delighted to follow the progress of any of my clients, whether it is babies, families or brides and grooms. Why not let me capture your memories?

And, just in case you’re interested, here’s Tilly at one year …

Email me for more information: – let’s start your story!

A gorgeous little Christmas baby – welcome Oscar!

How lovely it was to be invited back to this lovely family to photograph their latest addition, Oscar. As Tilly is now a big sister, she was absolutely wonderful throughout the whole shoot and we achieved some lovely shots of both the new arrival and his big sister!

Here are just a couple of teaser images (and a super cute one too when Oscar had nodded off … perfect!)

Newborn photography by Samantha Jones Photography

Newborn and family photography by Samantha Jones Photography

Family photography by Samantha Jones Photography

I can’t wait to return in six months to photograph Oscar and his family again. It really does create beautiful memories of a time which is so fleeting. If you are expecting a new arrival or would be interested in a relaxed and family photoshoot, why not check out details and pricing by clicking this link.

Merry Christmas!

Robin, cutting teeth and his favourite sister {sneak peek}

It is really quite amazing how fast children grow. As part of my collections, I offer either bump to baby or newborn to one year photoshoots and I was delighted that Meike and her family decided to book me for bump to baby. Robin was only eight days old when I last visited him … and now he is nine months old and absolutely gorgeous! Mum suspects that he is cutting some new teeth which made him a little bit cranky but nonetheless, with all best efforts of mum and lovely big sister, Heidi, we got a great selection and I’m sure that mummy and daddy will be spoilt for choice when making their decisions for Robin’s album. Take a look …

Kent family photographer, Samantha Jones Photography

The bottom right hand side image just makes me grin! And sister Heidi – well, I couldn’t miss her out, could I?

Kent family photographer, Samantha Jones Photography,

Poor Robin was really suffering and even his nursery says that he is one of the smiliest boys. We wanted to get a few images with mum …

Kent family photographer, Samantha Jones Photography

And with Heidi …

Kent family photographer, Samantha Jones Photography

You can never guarantee how children will react during a photoshoot but I’m confident that we have a good selection to choose from for Robin’s album. If you are expecting and would like more information of my packages, click on this link or send me an enquiry via my website.

Bright sunshine, a tea party and Matilda {sneak peek}

It’s always lovely to be asked to return to previous clients to capture some up-to-date pictures as their children grow. To return to see Matilda and her parents (and grandparents and auntie) could not have been more enjoyable. The sun shone, the cakes were ready and the tea party started … Tilly is full of life and energy. An absolute delight to photograph and looks very different from the last time that I saw her when she was one year old.

Tilly's tea party

Bright, direct sunlight, although something that we all love to see, can sometimes present challenges. So Tilly found her own place to stand for photographs …

Toddler portraits in beautiful llight

But she still led her mum and dad a merry dance around the garden!

TIlly and mum and dad

I have the most wonderful selection of images which are nearly ready to show mum and dad, although mum did mention that it’s better if I don’t show too many otherwise they really will be spoilt for choice! Here’s a final little image, against the rich blue colour of her auntie’s dress and a moment of reflection …

Tilly at two

I know that everyone has a camera and I’m sure that lots of beautiful images are captured every second but if you are looking for a photographer to capture a special moment in time with the liveliest of clients, just drop me a line – I offer more than just prints – I offer memories that last a lifetime.

Madison at six months {sneak peek}

Since I first met Madison when she was very tiny indeed, how she has changed! It’s such a lovely thing to return and see a baby grow and develop … but as hard as we tried, we couldn’t get Madison to smile for the camera. Many photographers struggle in this respect … you can create a great rapport with a baby, and get them laughing and giggling and then put the camera up to get the shot … and the smile goes.

But I still think we got some beautiful shots which will be included in Madison’s album …

Madison at six months

Mum tried her hardest, we played with toys and I made (very) bizarre faces (thank goodness that there’s no photographic evidence of that!). But I am delighted with this following shot … being tickled by mummy is obviously one of Madison’s favourite pastimes and I love the connection between mother and baby.


What will Madison be like in six months when I return to photograph her at one year? I already know that she’s going to have a fabulous cake … if you would like to join my growing family of newborn to one year babies (or bump to babies), just check out my pricing here or drop me a line Hope to hear from you soon!

Curly hair and eyes so blue … {sneak peek}

I first met William when he was just a bump and then again when he was seven weeks old. And now, gorgeous mum Emma is expecting again and asked me to return for some maternity shots and to also take a few portraits of William.

Now, with children, there is a small window of time to get “the shot”. But with this engaging little boy and his amazing mop of curly blonde hair, even playing peek-a-boo lent itself to fabulous images …

toddler, William, family photography

See what I mean? If you have a toddler who just won’t sit still, won’t smile when you try to take a photo yourself, then why not consider booking a session with me. More details on my website or you can email me to book: – I’d love to hear from you and start making your family memories!