A hidden gem and a sparkly couple … Juliette and Sam’s pre-wedding photoshoot

How the weather can change from one day to the next. As I sit here, writing about Juliette and Sam’s final wedding consult, it’s raining. And dark. And dull. Not so last night, when we met up at this lovely couple’s wedding venue, Elvey Farm, which is a beautiful venue nestled in the Kent countryside surrounded by farmland and amazing views.

I first met Juliette and Sam when I photographed Juliette’s sister Victoria’s wedding to Chris at Boys Hall. And what is great is that I get to see Stella, groovy grandma extraordinaire again!

Here’s a few images from our spontaneous shoot last night:

Juliette and Sam at Elvey Farm by Samantha jones Photography 02Juliette and Sam at Elvey Farm by Samantha jones Photography 03Juliette and Sam at Elvey Farm by Samantha jones Photography 04Juliette and Sam at Elvey Farm by Samantha jones Photography 05Juliette and Sam at Elvey Farm by Samantha jones Photography 06

It was my first time visiting this venue and I am very much looking forward to photographing Juliette and Sam’s September wedding.  And catching up with news from the family too!

I’m glad that you both found the session helpful and I am confident that there will be lots of jaunty banter throughout your wedding day xx

Saving the date and making it personal

My clients are hugely creative. They have a vision of what they want to achieve. And Jess and Johnny had a perfect concept for their “Save the Date” cards. We met up in a picturesque woodland near their home and made some great images.


The image below was their favourite and they had it made into postcards to send out to family and friends.


Their photoshoot captures their personalities perfectly and I’m very excited for the 2017 wedding as I know it will be unique and personal!

If you are looking for way to let everyone know the date, just drop me a line: sam@samanthajonesphotography.co.uk – as a wedding specialist, I embrace creativity – in fact, the more creative, the better!

How gorgeous? Pre-wedding photoshoot with Hannah and Simon {sneak peek}

I cannot wait to photograph Hannah and Simon’s wedding celebrations in a couple of weeks’ time. They are getting married at a church with Hannah’s father officiating and will be leaving their ceremony in a vintage Austin 10. There are so many details to be captured on their wedding day that my head is spinning. I think I need to draw up a little mind map to make sure that I remember everything.

We met up today for a mini-photoshoot and to chat through timings. And oh my goodness, Hannah you are gorgeous! Take a look …

Kent wedding photographer

Hannah has, what the modelling agencies call “wind in her hair” … and Simon makes her laugh. A lot. Which is pretty fab.

Hannah and Simon pre-wedding photoshoot

And, despite the bracing wind, the sun came out.

Hannah and Simon pre-wedding photoshoot

Oh it’s going to be great …

Hannah and Simon pre-wedding photoshoot

With tipis in the orchard, an MG called Margot, Harley … and something perhaps with a little Venezuelan influence … I love my job!

Oysters and hearts – Jemma and Rob’s pre-wedding photoshoot in Whistable {sneak peek}

We had snow on Wednesday here in Kent. Which took us a little by surprise. Jemma and Rob are getting married in December 2013 and Jemma explained that she always wanted a December wedding – whether or not it snows … luckily they will be getting married and having their reception in the same venue so there shouldn’t be too many logistical problems of moving their guests from one place to another. The local farmers will also be on hand to clear away any snow … Jemma is organised. Very organised indeed. And a little excited too …

Pre-wedding photoshoots have a great value, in my opinion. It helps me to learn more about my couples and I do find it easier to shoot their wedding day when we’ve spent a couple of hours together, discussing posing and hand holding and hearing more about their plans. It should also help my couples to relax about the photography side of their wedding at least. And I hope that we achieved that yesterday in a chilly Whitstable.

What struck me about Jemma and Rob is that they laugh. With each other. A lot. I had to remind myself to keep shooting and keep my camera steady whilst watching them giggle and smile … lovely!

Jemma and Rob pre-wedding photoshoot in Whitstable copyright Samantha Jones Photography

Jemma had chosen some appropriate jewellery too.

Jemma and Rob pre-wedding photoshoot in Whitstable copyright Samantha Jones Photography

And more giggling …

Jemma and Rob pre-wedding photoshoot in Whitstable copyright Samantha Jones Photography

An oyster shell made a great background for Jemma’s beautiful engagement ring.

Jemma and Rob pre-wedding photoshoot in Whitstable copyright Samantha Jones Photography

They look great together, don’t they?

Jemma and Rob pre-wedding photoshoot in Whitstable copyright Samantha Jones Photography

The lattes were tasty and very necessary to help us warm up after being outside for an hour. But I think it was worth it.

Jemma had chosen some appropriate jewellery too.  <img src="https://samanthajonesphotography.files.wordpress.com/2012/12/201Jemma and Rob pre-wedding photoshoot in Whitstable copyright Samantha Jones Photography

So, will it or won’t it snow for Jemma and Rob’s wedding? I know that it is going to be the most beautiful celebration and I can’t wait to be a part of it. xx

If you are interested in discussing your own wedding photography requirements, do email me sam@samanthajonesphotography.co.uk and you can find out more about the current packages on offer by clicking here.

Smile, Tom, smile … the value of pre-wedding photoshoots

Jo and Tom’s wedding is in three weeks. When we originally met about a year ago, they didn’t really fancy a pre-wedding photoshoot. But luckily, Tom had the idea of having a signature board for guests to sign on their wedding day … and they gave me a call. With their gorgeous dog Max, we popped down to their local woods with bluebells everywhere … and I tried my hardest to get Tom to smile …

There was a bit of leaf whipping …

And some tree climbing. And some laughter … lots of that, actually …

And there was Max, being … Max …

And then … smiling …

And finally some off camera flash “rockstar” photography …

And plenty of off camera smiling … it was great to spend time with you both today and I hope that it wasn’t too traumatic Tom … see you in just a few weeks’ time – can’t wait!

How lucky am I? And this has been such a difficult choice to make …

Lydia and Peter are getting married in August. We met up today in Whitstable for their pre-wedding photoshoot … not that I want to wish my life away, but I can’t wait for their wedding (actually, I can’t wait until any of my upcoming weddings!

Yes, I know that all the ushers are going to be over 6′ tall, that one of them is a model for Abercrombie and Fitch, that the bridesmaids are gorgeous and that I will need to bring my stepladder with me …

Pre-wedding photoshoots are valuable to both my couples and to me as I learn so much … but how do I choose their sneak peek … it’s not easy, you know … so here it is!

We dodged the rain (just), strolled around the grounds of Whitstable Castle and scared the odd dove or two!

Lydia and Peter seemed so very relaxed with each other and being in front of the camera.

Emma and Luke engagement photoshoot {sneak peek}

How do I just choose one image to post as a sneak peek from yesterday’s fab engagement photoshoot? Emma and Luke are getting married next July and wanted to have their shoot almost a year to the day before their wedding. We met up at Tankerton Slopes near Whitstable on Sunday afternoon and were blessed with a gorgeously sunny day … Emma has hypersensitivity to light but was absolutely amazing to photograph and Luke, well he is just a catalogue model poser … check out their sneak peek(s) below!

We were asked to move on from the first location by a member of the Tankerton Sailing Club … so we moved on to some beach huts!

We moved around to a couple of different locations and I guided Emma and Luke (gently) with some posing suggestions. Engagement photoshoots are invaluable for me to find out what my clients like and how they photograph – the images are uploaded to an online gallery and I invite feedback from the couples as to which images they particularly like and if they have any other comments on the whole experience. Often the best shots are candid, without the couple being aware that they are being photographed … my particular favourite from this shoot is below …

But I have lots of favourites …

And what engagement photoshoot would be complete without the “arty” engagement ring shot …

Emma and Luke were brilliant and seemed so relaxed, even though the beach at Tankerton was absolutely heaving! Thanks to you both for making it such a fantastic way to spend an afternoon and I hope that you enjoyed your trip down to the coast. I suspect that the next year is going to fly by and I’m so much looking forward to shooting your wedding!

Engagement photoshoots or pre-wedding shots form a part of each of my wedding packages. However, you don’t have to be getting married to have a photoshoot like Emma and Luke’s – just drop me a line: sam@samanthajonesphotography or give me a call on 07786 314973 and we can chat more.