{Maternity Shoot} with Sophie and Paul

I met Sophie and Paul on a very wet and rainy day … we’ve had a lot of that in the UK recently. However, they both have something special to celebrate … their baby is due in January and Sophie is turning 21 today (congratulations)!

They certainly both entered into the spirit of the shoot … in fact, they were both laughing so much that it was difficult to get them to look mean and moody … I knew that the shots would work really well in black and white …

but that’s also due to the fact that Sophie and Paul don’t know the sex of their baby … cheeky little thing was hiding during the scan so it’s going to be a surprise!

Oh, and I forgot to mention another reason to celebrate …

they are getting married too! Thanks to you both for making the session such fun and looking forward to meet your new baby in the New Year!

{Maternity Session}

I am so lucky in my new role as a full-time photographer. I get to photograph people on the happiest days of their lives, celebrating happy events to come, and the joy of small babies.

I recently photographed Amanda, who is due to have her baby in early June.

Amanda maternity shoot

Amanda maternity shoot

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Amanda and can’t wait until the baby arrives in early June. I am quite sure that this baby will be cherished and adored and I am so looking forward to photographing her.

Amanda maternity shoot

Maternity session … with Louise and little Shaun

I photographed Louise and “big” Shaun’s wedding last summer along with Dick and Pauline Slane. I’ve now had the pleasure of photographing a “bump” session with Louise. She is expecting Chloe within the next few weeks and I think “little” Shaun is quite looking forward to looking after his sister …

Louise, little Shaun and Chloe

Little Shaun supports Liverpool and enjoys playing football at school.


He has the most gorgeous coloured eyes and was so helpful with all of my photography stuff that I took with me. If only he was a few years older, he could be my assistant!


Thanks again to Louise and I am looking forward to photographing Chloe when she arrives!

Louise and Shaun

Maternity shoot with Liz, Steve and Tiegan

I hadn’t realised how much fun maternity shoots would be.  It’s my cousin and his wife and I had such a great time and we laughed so much.  Liz looks absolutely beautiful and unbelievably the baby is due in a week’s time – she really does look gorgeous and it was truly an honour to be able to share this special time with them.






I am so looking forward to meeting baby Tiegan and photographing her and also doing a whole family shoot – it will certainly be busy!  Much love to you both and hope that Tiegan makes a safe arrival ahead of schedule!

Maternity shoot – some new ideas …

I am off for a maternity shoot this afternoon with my cousin’s wife – she is expecting a baby girl next Friday … so I just had to go out in my local town of Faversham to find some “props”.

Baby ideas montage

I am really looking forward to seeing my cousin – I haven’t seen them both since their wedding three years ago …

My first maternity session … with Sarah

I had my first maternity session on Friday with Sarah, who is due in December.  We started off inside … Sarah is just such a smiley person, and kept breaking into the hugest grins …

I think the image below just captures how she feels about her baby …

But then the sun came out, and we decided to go out into the cold to get some of that beautiful autumnal light …

I’m so glad we did, because the light was just awesome, creating dappled light from the trees overhead … in the middle of London!

 And because it was Hallowe’en, we thought we would have a play around with some lighting effects and created a bit of a spooky atmosphere …

Thanks so much Sarah for making this session so easy and such fun!