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Pre-wedding photoshoot with Sara and Steve at Pines Calyx

For many of my clients and, I don’t doubt, the majority of brides and grooms, instructing a professional photographer to cover their wedding day is an investment, both in monetary terms and in terms of trust. Despite seeing many galleries and portfolios online, it’s often a challenge to find the right person who fits the bill and then trusting in them to produce the goods on the day.

For those of you who have met me at wedding fairs, at weddings that I’ve photographed or, indeed, on a more personal level, you kind of know the person that I am, at least when I have a camera in my hand. I rarely stop talking, I get rather excited about photography and I throw out compliments like confetti.

But it’s because I love photography and I want others to enjoy it as much as I do. Which is why, when I met up with Sara and Steve to chat through their plans for their May wedding at The Pines Calyx in St Margaret’s at Cliffe, I just happened to have one of my cameras with me and my spanky new lens which had already captured some fabulous images at Hayley and Dominic’s wedding at Winters Barns last weekend.

Sara and Steve met me at a wedding open day held at The Pines Calyx and mentioned how pleased they were that they had found me and that they were very glad that I would be joining them. They didn’t hold back when telling me that neither of them particularly relish the idea of having their photograph taken and so I suggested that we work through a few locations in the beautiful grounds and a couple of easy-to-remember poses that might get them in the mood for their wedding in three months’ time. We didn’t take long, I only used the one lens and no reflectors or off camera flash. Just the gorgeous sunlight which we were very lucky to have … take a look …

Sara and Steve at Pines Calyx by Samantha Jones Photography 1

Beautifully back lit by the sun …

Sara and Steve at Pines Calyx by Samantha Jones Photography 3

And mastering the “walking slowly away and making sure that their legs are in the right position to turn back and smile at the camera” shot!

Sara and Steve at Pines Calyx by Samantha Jones Photography 2

Sara and Steve at Pines Calyx by Samantha Jones Photography 4

I very much enjoyed spending time with Sara and Steve and the fact that the weather was so glorious was an absolute added bonus. I’m excited for their wedding in three months’ time and was so pleased to get the following note from Sara:

“You captured some good images given that neither of us like our photo being taken! We are looking forward to the ones where we are dressed for the occasion!”

So I am! xx

Summer and the Olympics seem a long time away … more photoshoot images featured in Holistic Therapist Magazine!

Cast your minds back to sunnier and warmer days. In the lead up to the Olympics, I was asked by lovely Emily from if I was available to help her create some images for with an Olympic/sport theme. The idea was to show that, even if you are working out, subtly applied make-up can enhance and flatter. The images needed to be “aspirational”. I love the use of light and off camera flash in conjunction with very strong sun and also a couple of images that we took in the shade of a building, using the brickwork to reflect light into our model’s face …

magazine photoshoot

Photoshoot with Emily Rose Makeup for Holistic Therapy Magazine

All in all, a successful photoshoot which covered the requirements of both Emily and the magazine. High quality images are great for promoting your business so if you have any ideas for a photoshoot for your company, just drop me a line sam@samanthajonesphotography. More details on business photography are on my website:

Bright colours and big smiles … a pre-wedding photoshoot with the gorgeous Jade and Callum

Beautiful, bright and breezy … that pretty much sums up my pre-wedding photoshoot in Mote Park, Maidstone yesterday. Jade and Callum were the most perfect people to photograph … not at all self-conscious, holding hands and looking into each others eyes … and just lovely to spend time with. After all the recent rain that the UK has suffered, the sun came out, the blossom was on the trees and we strolled around the park, just “shooting the breeze”. As a Chelsea supporter, Callum was slightly distracted with their recent success and rather regrets organising the dates of his two stag dos … but Jade, you can really work the camera, oh yes you can!

As promised, here’s your sneak peek … bright and colourful as promised … this photo makes me smile each time I look at it …

I can’t wait to be a part of your wedding day celebrations … it’s going to come around so quickly!

Vintage fashion photoshoot for Madam Popoff in Margate

I haven’t been to Margate for a long time … well, not in my “grown up” years anyway. I’ve followed its recent re-emergence as a hub of vintage fashion and style, particularly in the Old Town, and was delighted to be introduced to Debbie, owner at Madam Popoff, who is in King Street in the older part of Margate. Madam Popoff stocks an eclectic mix of eras and genres and is continually seeking out “new” items to parade in front of the public. Madam Popoff also has an online ASOS store and I joined in with lovely model Lucy Lu on a rather chilly, but bright day and here are some of the images … ASOS are very strict with their regulations and only shots which are taken outside and using natural light are allowed. So I had to take this into account but am delighted with the results …

I really enjoyed working with the creativity of Madam Popoff, the excellent skills of Lucy and the wonderful location in Margate. You can find all of these items (if they haven’t already been sold!) and many more on Madam Popoff’s ASOS store Madam Popoff Vintage on ASOS or you could always pop down to Margate and have a browse around! I hope to be involved in more shoots with this amazing store and, of course, if you are an online retailer and are looking for up-to-date, professional images for your website, don’t hesitate to drop me a line at

Bridal gown photoshoot at the Old Kent Barn with some fabulous local Kent suppliers

I had the pleasure of working with several wedding suppliers yesterday at a bridal wear photoshoot at the Old Kent Barn. Organised by make-up artist Lauren Hards ( and using gowns and beautiful accessories from Jodi’s in Canterbury (, we also had two different kinds of floral designs, fresh vintage roses from Victoria’s Flowers (Victoria’s Flowers) and sparkling bouquets from Floral Dreamz (Floral Dreamz Kent).

Here is just a quick sneak peek of our two gorgeous models, Harriet and Charlotte. They worked very hard and took direction really well. I was also assisted by Lauren Baker.

Two different girls and two very different looks …

The gowns were beautiful, with wonderful detailing and some of the hair accessories were just … well, we didn’t want to give them back. More images will follow in another blog post but I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone involved for taking the time out of their busy schedules and making it such a fun and productive afternoon.

Photoshoot collaboration with Shirlaw Style and Playful Promises

It’s always lovely to be involved in photoshoots and I was delighted to receive an email from my good friend Natalie at Shirlaw Style asking if I had time to join her for a photoshoot for Playful Promises. You can read more about the reasons behind the photoshoot on Playful Promises blog but here are a couple of montages from the day. Sinead, our beautiful model, has a very vintage styled house which was just perfect. She was very recently a bride herself (although sadly, not one of my brides …) and we also had time to take a sneak peek at her wonderful wedding images too!

Sinead’s house lends itself to photographs as whilst Natalie was doing the finishing touches on Sinead’s hair, I set up a simple off camera lighting set up and got these shots …

We needed to have step-by-step images so that readers of the Playful Promises blog could attempt the styles themselves and also a good variety of images of the hairstyle in its finished form …

Natalie then set about creating another look with Sinead … but you’ll have to wait to see those pictures in another blog post! It was great working with Natalie again, seeing the Yogi hair products in use and meeting Sinead. I think that I may have mentioned, once or twice, that I love my job!!!

{Vintage} – it’s the new “new” you know … fab photoshoot with the designer of Red Ric Rac …

Rachel is an actress. She is also a seamstress. Those two things alone fill me with awe. I had to look up online how to thread my Singer sewing machine … and nearly threw my toys out of the pram whilst trying to do it.

I have already photographed and Rachel’s latest creations for her online shop (if you like vintage, you really should stop by and take a look …) and we decided to get together for a fun photoshoot using one of Rachel’s amazing vintage dresses. Here are the results …

Rachel has many faces (I guess that must be because she plays so many varied roles as an actress …)

And also has a house chock full of memorabilia …

And such vibrant coloured dresses …

Thanks Rachel for being such great fun. I hope that you get lots of visits to your site and sell lots of your lovely items – I am sure that they would make super bridesmaids gifts …

And just one more pic of the cup cake cup … kitsch!

{Pre-wedding} photoshoot with Karen and Dan

Karen and Dan have booked me for their November wedding – apparently, they aren’t too keen on having their photo taken so I am really glad that they decided to take up the offer of a pre-wedding photoshoot. We were blessed with a lovely evening (despite the forecast for heavy rain) and took advantage of the grounds at Hadlow Manor where they will be getting married.

As usual for my photoshoots, there were lots of people milling around the grounds so we had to find a more secluded spot so that Karen and Dan didn’t feel too much as though they were being watched! We used a variety of set-ups and lighting and I think it gave them a good idea that wedding photography doesn’t have to be long winded … or indeed, boring! It was just … fun!

As the sun was out, and the shadows were great … it made sense …

And the sky was gorgeous too!

By this time we seemed to have a couple of onlookers … but that didn’t stop us!

The engagement ring … with inscription too.

And then a bit of creative … stuff …

Now, you know when your clients are a bit more relaxed about being photographed …

Well, it was there! And one final shot to finish of Karen and Dan’s sneak peek …

I hope you both enjoyed yourselves – I certainly did. November is going to come around really quickly and I hope that you are blessed with a gorgeously sunny day. Thanks again for making it such fun!