{Baby Ballet} – my first gorgeous model

I have recently been running a promotion with the Baby Ballet group that my niece attends and I had a great time on Sunday, photographing gorgeous baby {O} and her family … I wanted to post a couple of pictures so that her proud mummy and daddy can see them before I upload them all to my on-line proofing facility … and here is our lovely model, balancing really bravely …

Baby ballet montage II

These images were all shot in baby {O}’s home, using an easily set up lighting system. In fact, the image on the right of this next one was shot with available light …

Baby ballet montage

Thanks again to my gorgeous model and her family (sorry to Maisie that you couldn’t be involved …) and I hope that you are happy with the images of your lovely little girl!

If you would like beautiful images of your children to treasure (and, don’t forget, Christmas will be here soon …), do comment on this post or drop me a line and I’d love to capture your memories too!

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