What a difference a day makes … {personal}

Those of you who know me or who follow my blog may know that we have a Tibetan Terrier called Alfie. You may have met him or just heard me talk about what a perfect puppy he is (at 18 months, can we still call him a puppy?).

Anyway, today was haircut day. So, of course, I photographed him yesterday … and then just now. Top left was yesterday …

He can see! We’ve decided to have his “top knot” cut off … and he’s running around like a crazy thing, probably because he can see! And, naturally, whilst he was off at the groomer’s, Ginge decided to bring in a mouse … which was nice …

I have a new man in my life – meet {Alfie}

For those of you who know me personally, or who follow my updates on Facebook and Twitter, you may have seen that we have a new addition to the household … Alfie is a Tibetan Terrier who was born on 18 December 2010. He is growing by the day and has the hugest feet – good for walking on snow, apparently, as Tibetan Terriers were given to travellers as a good luck charm and for safety when they were traversing the snowy valleys.

Bringing a puppy into a household can be a fraught time – I’ve never had a dog before so I need to train myself as much as I need to train Alfie. He has already come with me on some photoshoots and is meeting lots of new people. He is an excitable little one, who loves to show his affection by biting … which worried me at first but now I realise that he is just saying “hello” and that it is normal for puppies. We will be going to puppy training because we all want to have a dog of whom we can be proud and not scared.

Anyway, here’s a pic of our new little man, who has already found his way into our hearts …

If you book a shoot with me or we arrange a meeting, do let me know if you like dogs … as Alfie may well be joining us!

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