Madison at six months {sneak peek}

Since I first met Madison when she was very tiny indeed, how she has changed! It’s such a lovely thing to return and see a baby grow and develop … but as hard as we tried, we couldn’t get Madison to smile for the camera. Many photographers struggle in this respect … you can create a great rapport with a baby, and get them laughing and giggling and then put the camera up to get the shot … and the smile goes.

But I still think we got some beautiful shots which will be included in Madison’s album …

Madison at six months

Mum tried her hardest, we played with toys and I made (very) bizarre faces (thank goodness that there’s no photographic evidence of that!). But I am delighted with this following shot … being tickled by mummy is obviously one of Madison’s favourite pastimes and I love the connection between mother and baby.


What will Madison be like in six months when I return to photograph her at one year? I already know that she’s going to have a fabulous cake … if you would like to join my growing family of newborn to one year babies (or bump to babies), just check out my pricing here or drop me a line Hope to hear from you soon!

{Monday magic} – sneak peek of a bump shoot!

It was so lovely to be introduced to this growing family … and to hear German spoken again and by a three and a half year old! I’m very much looking forward to meeting this little one when he arrives and for the family to join my ever expanding “bump to baby” family!

Mummy had a particular request … she wanted to try to get some images of little H cuddling her brother-to-be … I think we managed it …

See you all again in just a few weeks … bis dann!