Heather and Pete – pre-wedding photoshoot in the bluebells at Kings Wood

Nature cannot be tamed. Bluebells do not, it would appear, bloom to order. But luckily, bloom they did and I met up with Heather and Pete at Kings Wood near Canterbury for their pre-wedding photoshoot. Like Ali and Dan, they are also getting married in August of this year when the weather surely has to be warmer. With two layers of thermals, and a very bright smile, Heather and Pete ploughed into the depths of the woods … well, nearly. It seemed as though coachloads of people had been delivered to the very spots where we wanted to shoot – but it was worth it.

Heather and Pete pre-wedding photoshoot 001

Heather and Pete pre-wedding photoshoot 002

Heather was a bridesmaid at Carolyn and Daniel’s wedding and so I’m sure I will recognise a few faces and be able to catch up on lots of news.

I hope you both found the session fun and helpful – now to just practice those “poses”.

So, here comes summer … can’t wait!

Engagement photoshoot with Bonnie and Barney {sneak peek}

That was a cold one! But Bonnie and Barney’s love for each kept them warm … along with scarves, gloves and running and jumping around on the beach! You can read their engagement story here: the cutest proposal

Here’s your sneak peek …

OK, yes, I agree, that’s not fair … feet! But Bonnie and Barney did launch themselves into the photoshoot, much to the amazement of the kayaking club who were practising rolls in the freezing waters! So here’s the cutest cuddling shot …

Both Bonnie and Barney spoke of their forthcoming wedding with such passion and excitement, that it is sure to be an amazing occasion. Your online gallery will be open soon and it was a real pleasure to spend time with you both! Speak soon??? xx

{If he liked it, then he should have put a ring on it}

New Year’s Eve (and Christmas) often brings great changes to our lives … and none more so than getting engaged!

If you’ve recently got engaged (or he pops the question tonight …), I want to hear your stories! Write me a comment on this post, telling me about your engagement experience: when, where, how …

You may be up with the chance to win a free engagement portrait session with me (more details on my website www.samanthajonesphotography.co.uk) and check out my blog post about engagement photography.

Terms and conditions: please only enter this mini-competition if: you have recently become engaged, ie in November or December 2010; you are getting married in Kent, Essex or Surrey during 2011 or 2012; you are willing to allow use of images taken during the session for promotional purposes by Samantha Jones Photography and sign a release accordingly; you are willing to travel to Faversham (or surrounds) in order to participate in the photoshoot; you haven’t booked your wedding photographer … yet!. Submissions will be open until 31 January 2011 and a voting system then put in place. Please do not enter your full names or any personal information.

{Engagement sessions} – what are they and are they worth it?

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I offer engagement photoshoots for many of my couples as part of their wedding photography package. But I thought that it might be a good idea to explain what an engagement photoshoot actually entails. It’s not the moment when the question is actually “popped”, but as a way of introducing my clients into the world of wedding photography.

It is possibly as important for me, as the photographer, to have an engagement session (or “e-session”) as it is for my couples. I learn so much about my brides and grooms during the shoots (believe it or not, I do listen!). One of the most important thing is “are my couples blinkers”? So many people have an instinctive reaction, either to the flash, or to the sound of the shutter and we can work through this so that on the actual day, we can use the majority of images and not have to discard lots due to blinking. We photographers have various tricks to mitigate blinking, trust me!

Often when I first consult with my clients-to-be, they say “I hate having my photo taken”. Yep, me too. That’s why I am this side of the lens! It is my job, as a professional photographer, to make you feel more relaxed and to actually enjoy the experience so that on your wedding day, you know what to expect. We will have chatted through some poses and what my couples feel is most important for me to capture on their wedding day.

“Making a heart with your hands” is a method that I have employed quite a lot recently with my engaged couples. Yes, it’s daft, yes, it’s possibly a bit overused now (I am wracking my brains to think of other ideas … watch this space …) but it is guaranteed to create laughter, fun and interaction with my couples.

So who do you think has made the best “heart with their hands”?

If you are recently engaged, or just fancy treating yourself to a photoshoot with the one you love, drop me an email at sam@samanthajonesphotography, check out my website http://www.samanthajonesphotography.co.uk, or give me a call on 07786 314973.

And get practising making hearts with your hands!

{Engagement} shoot at Pines Calyx wedding venue

Elaine and Roger had booked me as their wedding photographer sight unseen after I was recommended to them by Lisa, the wedding co-ordinator at Pines Calyx (www.pinescalyx.co.uk). We put a date in the diary to meet up at their venue where they will be celebrating their wedding next autumn. Despite the very windy weather, we managed to get some fab shots and strolled around the beautiful grounds discussing ideas for their wedding day. I love shooting engagement sessions as I find out more about my couple’s plans. Check out the montages below!

I really enjoyed meeting up with Elaine and Roger and hearing about their plans. The shoot was full of laughter and stories and I think the two images below sum that up …

I have a feeling that their wedding is going to be fun … see you next September!

Ayumi and Peter {engagement} – on the beach at Whitstable

What a wonderful day to have an engagement session. Ayumi and Peter are getting married in October and I very much hope that the weather is as good for them as it was today.

We had an early start and thought that we might miss the crowds, but our photoshoot got quite a lot of attention from walkers and passers by …

Hope you enjoy the slideshow!

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Engagement sessions are great way for me to get to know a little more about my clients and for my clients to be more comfortable about being photographed on their wedding day … as we drove down to Whitstable, Peter told me the story of Ayumi and his long-distance relationship and their hopes and plans for the future. I am so looking forward to their wedding and celebrating with them and their family and friends.

Thank you both, Ayumi and Peter, for joining in with the engagement session today and for making it such an enjoyable way to spend a Sunday morning in Whitstable!

Kat and Luke {engagement session} in bluebells and field of gold

Luke was one of the lucky winners of my engagement session competition at the Abbots Barton wedding fair a couple of months ago. We met up on Saturday and spent a couple of hours driving through the gorgeous Kent countryside to find some places to shoot … and here are the results …

Kat looked fab and had obviously been doing some homework on styling for engagement sessions. They were both great fun and there was lots and lots of laughter. Luckily Luke didn’t slide all the way down the bluebell hill .. but it would have made for a great shot!

We then jumped back into the car and went off in search of fields of gold …

The weather was starting to turn a bit threatening but the clouds and sky looked amazing …

… so we decided to pack up again and go back to Canterbury to enjoy hot chocolate and coffee at the Goods Shed … and, of course, just a couple more images …

Kat and Luke have decided to travel now that they are both finished at University and it was exciting to hear all their plans. They will be getting married at some stage in the north of England … but it was an absolute pleasure to spend the afternoon with this fun and lively couple and I wish them all the success in their future life together!

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