You’ve Been Framed

Framed, originally uploaded by samantha.jones68.

This is going to form the basis for an idea I have for photobooths at evening wedding receptions. Or hen parties. Or anniversary parties. Or any kind of party you want to hold!

“In the sweetness of friendship …

let there be laughter and sharing of pleasures”.


From my fortune cookie from Saturday evening.  We spent time with Vince’s family for a birthday celebration and are glad to see that M is well on the road to recovery after her hip operation.

I also visited my mum who broke her hip just under three weeks ago and she seems to be doing really well.  Added bonus: my sister visted with her daughter, Charlotte, who is such a bright little spark.

This was taken before my mum’s accident – I am trying out a new “portrait” style of photography, and we had such great fun in the taking:


So I have been counting my blessings and the sweetness of friendship and family and long may the laughter last.

Sam xx