Maternity session … with Louise and little Shaun

I photographed Louise and “big” Shaun’s wedding last summer along with Dick and Pauline Slane. I’ve now had the pleasure of photographing a “bump” session with Louise. She is expecting Chloe within the next few weeks and I think “little” Shaun is quite looking forward to looking after his sister …

Louise, little Shaun and Chloe

Little Shaun supports Liverpool and enjoys playing football at school.


He has the most gorgeous coloured eyes and was so helpful with all of my photography stuff that I took with me. If only he was a few years older, he could be my assistant!


Thanks again to Louise and I am looking forward to photographing Chloe when she arrives!

Louise and Shaun

Louise and Shaun 9 August 2008

I have been revisiting some of my photography for 2008 and thought that I should really post a quick slideshow for Louise and Shaun.

I am hoping to see them soon and do some more photography!

Louise and Shaun Wheatley – wedding teasers …

I just had the most wonderful time on Saturday at Louise and Shaun’s wedding.  So many smiles and so much laughter accompanied a very lively wedding at Christchurch in Victoria Road, Erith, Kent on Saturday.  Unfortunately the sun didn’t shine on the day but this certainly didn’t dampen Louise and Shaun’s enthusiasm on their wedding day.

For me, it was a fantastic opportunity to shadow an accomplished wedding photographer, Dick Slane, with his wife Pauline as his assistant.  And I also spent time with my family, as Shaun is my sister’s stepson.

Here are some images from the day …


 With all best wishes for your future married lives together xxx


This weekend’s wedding … Louise Davies and Shaun Wheatley

I have the pleasure of shadowing a wonderful husband and wife team, Dick and Pauline Slane, at a wedding this weekend.  They are photographing my sister’s stepson’s wedding – when I heard that this young couple had such an experienced team taking their pictures, I just had to be brave enough to pick up that phone and call … I met Dick and Pauline a few weeks ago and they are wonderful, outgoing, kind and amazingly generous with their time. 

I am so looking forward to seeing them in action … Dick has such an engaging personality … and tells jokes to relax everyone … and Pauline organises the shots … that I can’t wait for the weekend to come around.  The only thing is the weather – the forecast is not looking so great at the moment … but who knows with the English weather.

I hope to be able to post some teasers at the beginning of next week … all in preparation for my next solo wedding in London on 16 August with Judy and Mike. Judy and Mike’s engagement session

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