Kily and Ed went to the chapel and they got married – {sneak peek}

The sun shone. The temperature was perfect. The chapel at Newlands was lit by candles. All was right with the world. And the moment that I, as their photographer, set eyes upon Kily … my heart skipped a beat so goodness knows how Ed felt the first time he saw his bride enter the chapel door. I have known Ed for a couple of years and was delighted to be asked to photograph his marriage to Kily. And just how “gorge” did you look, Kily?

I know that you are looking forward to your sneak peek before you jet off on your honeymoon adventure … and I wanted to find a couple of images that, for me, summed up your day. Laughter, smiles and love. What more can I say?

Lots and lots of laughter …

And, because everything was just perfect for this fabulous couple, we had a beautiful sunset too …

Thank you to everyone who smiled at the right times, to Matt and Dan for not minding when I got their names muddled, but most of all, to Kily and Ed – you made my day an absolute joy and I wish you much love and happiness, now and always. xx

7 Comments on “Kily and Ed went to the chapel and they got married – {sneak peek}

  1. Thank you, Sam, for being such a great part of a perfect day, You’re such a tease, getting these up so early!! Can’t wait to see the rest of them now. And Matt was pleased he could assist you in ‘coming over your head’… ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. The pictures are really beautiful of you both. The sunset ones are gorgeous, well done.
    Lots of love dad and Sonia xx


  3. Thanks, Sam, for all your hard work which you made look effortless. I ditto Ed in his thanks for being a big part of such a perfect day. Once again the taster is great and, once again, roll on the main course. Those evening shots look amazing.
    …………… and breathe! ………….. ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. What beautiful photos, thank you Samantha for your wonderful enthusiasm throughout the day.. I love the sunset shot. Gill Magson (Kylie’smum)


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