Autumn is here and it’s time for conker fights, kicking through leaves and family photoshoots …

As I walk through the woods with my two Tibetan Terriers, it’s really easy to notice the chance in seasons. The colours of the trees are becoming vibrant, a hint of wood smoke in the air and conkers everywhere (I’m sure when I was younger, there weren’t so many conkers …).

So it’s time to launch another round of family photoshoots. Half term is a great opportunity for families when they are relaxed and have time to spend with each other. When better to book a family photoshoot, on the beach or in the woods, to capture your children doing what they naturally enjoy the most … kicking through leaves, collecting conkers … being children.





And, of course, if you have dogs, they are more than welcome to come along too!


Please do email for availability of the sessions.  A great way of spending time with the family and getting images which really do reflect their personalities.

Sessions last between one to one and a half hours and will be in the local vicinity of Faversham and outlying villages (including the seaside) so long enough to get wonderful images but not too long!

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